Health & Human Services

We believe that all people deserve access to essential human services and that the health of our community starts with the health of our neighbors. Therefore, we sponsor organizations that are engaged in medical research. We contribute to financing medical research programs that improve the lives of our neighbors, particularly those who traditionally have little or no access to care.

We focus, among other health-related causes, on Cancer Research and organizations that:

  • Increase the number of patients enrolled in cancer trials
  • Increase the number of patients who gained access to cancer preventative testing
  • Increase the number of patients given access to alternative medicine for cancer

We believe that a cure will be found and that our careful allocation of funds will be a catalyst in the process.

Local Stories

ACME Markets Foundation Supports Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

From June 3-16, we will be selling paper lemons at the register for a donation to raise money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.  To date, ACME and their customers have donated over $132,000 in support of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and all families affected by childhood cancers.

Where We Give

We focus on giving locally to help strengthen neighborhoods and change lives.