As one of the largest grocery retailers in North America, we find that supporting hunger relief programs is a natural fit for us. We’re proud to be one of the largest contributors to food banks and hunger-relief programs in the neighborhoods we serve.

In addition, we are proud supporters of Hunger Is a proprietary program working to eradicate childhood hunger in America. With 1 in 5 children in America, in our neighborhoods, not knowing where their next meal will come from, it is a big problem and we are well positioned to create a ground swelling of support to ensure that no child will go hungry.

Hunger Is raises awareness, engages volunteers and raises funds to support innovative and effective programs throughout the country focused on ensuring every child in America has access to a healthy breakfast.

We believe:

  • Children in American are suffering. Our children. Hunger is robbing them of their childhood.
  • For a child in America, possibilities should be limitless. We teach our children to aim high…to reach for the stars. The hopes for our future rest on our children’s shoulders; our continued prosperity becomes their responsibility.

Yet within the borders of our country, the limits of our cities, the blocks of our neighborhoods, the walls of our schools, a lack of nourishment is eroding our children’s potential.

That is not someone else’s problem. It is ours to solve. We can all do something to undo childhood hunger.

We will not let their opportunities to succeed be diminished by hunger. Empty stomachs will not determine who they will be and what they can accomplish.

Each and every one of us will take responsibility for the children who are hungry in our neighborhoods. They are our children. Yours and mine. They belong to us and we refuse to ignore a problem that has existed for so long in a country with so much bounty and excess.

Every boy and girl should be able to dream big and make those dreams a reality.

We will take ownership of hunger here. By investing our time, energy and resources, we can be part of the solution to end childhood hunger. We can fill bellies. Turn fear into hope. Opportunities to succeed will no longer be diminished by a problem that is within our power to solve.

We will do whatever it takes to assure that no child in America will ever have to say, “Hunger Is Me”.

Local Stories

ACME participates in WMMR's annual Camp Out for Hunger

ACME Donates 393,993 Pounds to Area Food Banks During WMMR's Camp Out for Hunger

ACME once again participated in the WMMR Camp Out for Hunger, the largest single location food drive in the country, from Oct. 28 through Dec. 2. Through the generosity of customers and associates, ACME announced live on WMMR’s Preston and Steve Morning Show on Nov. 28 that 364,000 pounds of food was donated to the Feeding America Food Banks in their marketing area, which included Philabundance, Food Bank of Delaware, and the Food Bank of South Jersey among others.

The 364,000 pounds was raised during the pre-Camp Out in-store food drives from Oct. 28 to Nov. 24. In addition, ACME staffed a full service tent at the collection site during Camp Out week, where attendees were able to purchase healthy food items, resulting in an additional 29,993 pounds of food which was donated directly to Philabundance.

Acme - Walk to end Hunger

ACME Markets Foundation teams up with the Philadelphia Eagles to Support Ending Hunger

Did you know that about 1 in 4 people in Philadelphia are in need of food and struggle with hunger?  Hunger affects a lot of people all over the country but also right in our neighborhoods.  The Thomas’ Walk Against Hunger in April jump started ACME’s Kicking Hunger campaign in which we partner with the Philadelphia Eagles to raise food donations for those in need.

Where We Give

We focus on giving locally to help strengthen neighborhoods and change lives.